KAHLES dynamical competition / THE DYNAMIC CONTEST LEAGUE 2019, “300m – 700m “ / IV.round of LEAGUE

September 8, 2019




Name NSA Kategorien Dynamical LR , LR COMPETITION

The National Shooting Association in cooperation with KAHLES, the manufacturer of high – quality optical devices are officially invited you to “The Dynamic Contest League 2019” in the rifle disciplines in range DPS – Zahorie military area.

The league will consist from five rounds, of which the last round “ŠTÍT 2019″ is required and will be the final competition.
The winner will become a shooter who, after sum the results of the two best leagues + FINAL, will reach the highest total sum of points. For the best shooters of the whole ” DC League 2019″ are waiting attractive prizes provided by the KAHLES company.

1st price rifle K16
2nd price binocular
3rd price Red Dot

Also, three best shooters from I., II. and III. round of league will be automatically registered toKAHLES DYNAMIC LR CHALLENGE 2019, on 29-30 August 2019 in Felixdorf – AT. The best three shooters in the last two rounds (IV., V.) will be registered to the KAHLES CUP competition in 2020 !!!
And more, the best one shooter from each round of league will get a 50%OFF from the registration price of this competition.