KAHLES northen european competition / 300-1200m | 10+ Stages

Mai 18, 2019



Reach far, break through your performance roof and aim true, then even Gods bleed

We hope to push your limits on this 2 day competition in Denmark at the ColdBoreRange


Top Prizes sponsored by Kahles. Kahles.at
1stPrize: Kahles K16i
2ndPrize: Kahles Helia 10×42
3rdPrize: Kahles Helia Red Dot

Raffle among all shooters for:
700€ worth of shooter prizes sponsored by Hunting Store K.O. Skov. www.koskov.dk
200€ worth of bullets from DKBullets.dk

Goodiebags for ALLshooters.

The top 3 shooters will win an open invitation the to “Kahles Dynamic LR Challenge 2019” In Austria on the 29-30thof August 2019.

100 m zero will be possible before match.
Ranges from 300-1200 m. 10+ stages. 100+ shots.
All calibers allowed except .50BMG.
Semiautos not allowed.

Registration is open from the 12thof February on www.coldborerange.safeticket.dk
Entry fee 135€.
Early birdy from 12-25thof February. 100€.

More info: www.coldborerange.dkand https://www.facebook.com/ColdBoreRangeDK/