KING OF 2 MILES Frankreich

April 20, 2019




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This is a team competition. Each team consisting of up to 3 people (shooter, spotter, wind coach). This team remains the same from the preliminaries all the way through the finals. No addition or substitution will be allowed for the finals.

Spotter/wind coach can only spot/work with one shooter. The single exception to this is for a three person team in which all the members rotate through every position at some time during the match: shooter, spotter and wind coach.
Any rifle optics and spotting scope system are allowed.
The team is on its own for sighting and adjusting impacts.
Radio and/or hardwired communication style hearing protection is not allowed.
No team may use, at anytime during the match, any instrumentation that can collect or record environmental data from points forward of the firing line. No wind indicators may be added to the range area forward of the staging area and firing line.
Shooters, Spotters and Wind Coaches will not call out target impacts. The scoring team will make the call on this and provide a clear and concise auditory indicator when a target has been hit.
With exception of the ammo, shooting mat and blast sheet, the shooter has to be able to carry all his equipment to the line in only one trip. Allowances will be made for shooters over 65 and disabled people. A generic blast mat (tarp) will be on the ground at all firing positions and additional bipod elevation platforms will be available for all the shooters.
Any rifle under 45 pounds is allowed on this competition.
Caliber allowed: from the 338 to the 50cal.
Rifle weight is determined by its “Ready to fire” configuration. The weight limit in 2020 will be 40 lbs. Any rifle other than centerfire will require approval too (muzzle loader etc…)
The weight of all other shooting equipment is limited to 25 pounds.
The bipod can only be attached to the rifle at a single point. The bipod may only have two points of contact with the ground. The foot of the leg that comes in contact with the ground may not exceed 4 inches in width or length. The rifle and bipod must remain ridged when firing, there can be no recoil damping or movement of the rifle in relation to the bipod in anyway. Nothing can be placed at the top of the bipod/rifle to put additional weight/support. Common examples of these are sandbags and stakes. No sharp pointed bipods which can damage the blast sheet are permitted.
The rear of the rifle may be supported by a bag or pad of any kind, a monopod or the shooter (with his arm for example) but not an adjustable style rest that is not attached to the rifle.
The shooter must make all adjustments to his/her rifle system once the string of fire begins. Examples, adjusting height of bipod/rifle, adjusting the scope or handling the ammo/loading the rifle. Once the string of fire begins, any forgotten equipment the shooter may need will be obtained by the shooter himself.
No weapon alibis. After a rifle has a second malfunction of the same type, any additional malfunction will disqualify the shooter and the rifle will be removed from the line. Once a malfunction has been detected, permission can be given by the range officials to the shooter to get additional help in clearing it.
No practicing is allowed on the KO2M course prior to the competition. Any team found shooting at the cliffs behind the ranges (which is in violation with the NRAWAC range rules) at anytime, will be immediately disqualified from the match.
No one outside the scoring team may watch the video feed in or behind the scoring area. This can be a distraction to the scoring team.
Spectators must stay far enough away so that they will not disturb (or communicate with) the team currently shooting.
There will be a shooting “box” for the shooters and their spotters far enough from the spectators.
No team may directly view the video feed from cameras, drones or receive ANY signal of any type (i.e. Doppler Radar) from outside the firing point while firing.
A target is deemed “IMPACT” when it is the first thing that the bullet strikes after leaving themuzzle. Frame, strap and ground strikes that may cause the target to move are considered missed. The call of the two scorers is final.
Once shooters have finished their shooting string, they must quickly remove their equipment to allow the next team to set up. Both the previous and next teams will handle weapons UNLOADED and with a CHAMBER FLAG or other visual indicator of an EMPTY CHAMBER.
The “failure to do right/to follow the” rule is in effect for this competition. The matchdirector can disqualify any competitor for attempting to stretch the letter of the rules or gaming to gain an unfair advantage which is against the spirit of the competition.
Shooting order will be by random number generator/at random. No gun will be permitted to be used more than once a day.
Target locations, ranges and angles will be posted the evening before the first day of competition at the Eagle’s Nest by the match director.
Target locations will be approximately from 1300 to 2200 yards for qualifications and 2500 to 3600 yards for the finals.

Target sizes will be for :Qualifications :
61 cm x 94cm- 24 inches x 37 inches (2 targets at various distances) 76 cm x 94cm- 30 inches x 37 inches (2 targets at various distances)For the Finals :
84 cm x 104cm- 33 inches x 41 inches
107 cm x 137cm- 42.12 inches x 54 inches 122 cm x 152cm- 48 inches x 59.84 inchesCOURSE OF FIRE :Teams will be given a map of the target locations and ranges as determined by GPS and laser range finder. Competitors are welcome to use their own range finding equipment if they choose to.

DAY 1 & 2:
Target ranges will be approximately 1300 to 2200 yards.Shooters will have 5 minutes to set up and 9 minutes to complete their five target string. A single round will be fired at the Cold Bore Target. After this, the elimination targets begin.Five shots will be taken on target one and three shots each on targets 2-4. A failure to hit any (excluding the Cold Bore) target with the allotted number of rounds will mean elimination.
The top scoring teams will advance to the finals on day three. This number has yet to be determined.

DAY 3:Target ranges will be approximately 2500 to 3600 yards.The top scoring teams will proceed to the finals. Shooters will have 5 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to complete their three target string. Time allowing, shooters will fire a total of 15 shots. The shooter must hit the target in order to advance to the next and fire a minimum of 5 shots before proceeding to the next target. Hits after the fifth shot will allow progression to the next target but will award no points.

Scoring for day 1&2 will be based on shot order times range plus the remaining time in seconds. The Cold Bore target is not shot for score but for separate awards and prizes.
For target X, the multipliers are 5,4,3,2,1. For subsequent targets the multipliers are 3,2,1. Multipliers for day 3 are 5,4,3,2,1,0 on targets 1-3. So a 2nd round hit on the first target with a range of 1454 yards and subsequent misses from there on with 5 minutes remaining would yield a score of 6,116 = (1454×4+300).