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März 16, 2019




Name Christian S. Kategorie PRS

VRS 2018-19 Season Finale – NMLH 2019

Registration: Registration will open November 1st 2018, 8PM, CET.
Registration here: http://www.vikingrifleseries.com/match-registration/
Make sure you have a registered user before the registration opens.
Shooters will be offered slots November 14th at the latest.

Match info

12-15 stages.

Aprox 120-180 rounds – the exact number will decided and released closer to match date.

42 slots in Individual division, of which 30 slots will be prioritized for the 30 highest ranked shooters this season. Season ranking can be found here

12 slots in Team division

Match start: Saturday, March 16, 0530 CET.

Match intention

This is a back to the basics match. The aim is to test the individual shooter under adverse conditions, with a multiple of stages, providing different light, distances, winds, angles and altitudes, without advanced tools for aid in finding firing solutions.


Allowed equipment (for finding firing solutions and engaging targets):

Rifle with sling, bipod and scope (milling reticle and illumination allowed). LRF’s, ballistic calculators, wind meters, barometric pressure gauges/indicators, thermometers etc individually or as part of the scope or other objects are not allowed.

Max caliber: 300WM

Max v0: 950m/s

Top mounted red dot sight are allowed (but not required).

Printed tables/ charts/ marked turrets are absolutely necessary.

Regular calculator (not ballistic calculator) are allowed.

Analogue calculator are allowed (i.e. Truemiller and Mildot Master; the Truemiller is strongly recommended).

Bipods, tripods, pads, bags and packs as you wish to carry.

Bipods should have some attachment or portable surface (i.e. a towel) to prevent them from sinking into the snow.

Team division: Spotting scope and/or handheld binoculars with or without reticle are allowed.

Any object in violation of the match intention is prone to be excluded.


Known and unknown distance targets.

Max distance: 1350m
Area: Altitude 300-500m above sea level
Temperature: Anywhere from -30C to +10C

Hiking distance: 15-18km on Saturday, 4-6km hike on Sunday

Incline: About 330meters incline on Saturday, significantly less on Sunday.

Snowshoes may be required both for the hike and for shooting, depending on conditions.


PRS baseline rules: http://www.vikingrifleseries.com/rules

Additional rules/guidelines for NMLH will be presented on location March 15.

Match fee:

1500 NOK – both divisions

Do not pay the match fee until you are offered a slot.

Forfeits prior to February 1st will be refunded 50%. Forfeits from February 1st and onwards will not be refunded.

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Bjoneroa, Norway